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Operations Research Simplified - This ebook introduces a variety of Operations Research Techniques and its applications in a simple way.
Accounting & Finance For Managers: This book presents theory & practical system of accounting.
Research Methodology Notes - Research methodology is an organized approach to address a problem.
Management Functions And Behaviour
Artificial Intelligence - This ebook is about knowledge and the role it plays in creating effective Artificial Intelligent programs.
Numerical and Statistical Computing
Organizational Behavior - Organizational behavior (OB) is actually a term associated with the study of individual and group dynamics in an organizational environment, as well as the nature of the organizations themselves.
Computer Dictionary
Visual Basic
Beginners Guide To RMI
Building Java Executables
CBSE Study Material, Question Papers
Management Articles - Management articles, tips and resources. Management in all business activities is regarded as the act of coordinating the endeavours of individuals to accomplish objectives and goals employing available resources sensibly.

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