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"Books are like a mirror. If an ass looks in, you can't expect an angel to look out." -Arthur Schoenhauer


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Operations Research Simplified (FREE)
This FREE ebook Operations Research Simplified introduces various Operations Research Techniques and its applications in a simple way. This e-book is written primarily for college students who have no previous background in operations research and who intend careers as administrators, consultants, executives, managers, or teachers. This e-book is very useful for students who are pursuing BBA, BBM, MBA, CA, CS, CWA, BCA, MCA, M.COM., etc. We have deliberately kept the mathematical level of this e-book low in order to make it more useful and appropriate for its readers. The salient features of this e-book are:
  • The text has been written in a very simple and clear language.
  • The text has been presented in an interesting way to enhance reading experience.
  • The text provides a large number of illustrative examples and practice problems.
Coverage Includes
  • Getting Started
  • Linear Programming - Model Formulation & Graphical Method
  • Simplex Method
  • Duality & Sensitivity Testing
  • Transportation Problem
  • Assignment Problem
  • Integer Programming
  • Goal Programming
  • Game Theory
  • Waiting Line Models
  • Inventory Control Models
  • Dynamic Programming
  • Replacement Models
  • Sequencing Models
  • Nonlinear Programming
  • Simulation Models

Some Comments-Operations Research Simplified
I am a CA final year student. We attend OR Classes for our exam purposes. But now I have substituted "Operations Research Simplified" for my classes. I am studying OR from "Operations Research Simplified" only. I think this book is the best.-Vaideeshwaran
I am pursuing BBM. I think "Operations Research Simplified" is really an excellent book. I take a lot of help from this book, and I have recommended it to my classmates and everyone has appreciated it. - Abhishek Sharma, V.B.R.I. College, Udaipur, Rajasthan
I am an engg. student, "Operations Research Simplified" is a very good software. -Mayuresh
I am a B.E final year student of branch industrial production. I had gone through the O.R. tutorial presented by www.universalteacher.com. It is really great. -Parimala Zalaki
The e-book Operations Research Simplified is really stunning. It understands the pulse of the reader and progresses accordingly. I found immense satisfaction in reading the material and thank you for the neat stuff. - R. Vadivelan
I searched the web a lot for the O.R. tutorials, but could not find them useful as they were not interactive n seems like made for teachers rather than for students. But, "Operations Research Simplified" is really useful and very interactive. - Vivek


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