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J2 Exam Simulator 1.3
The J2 Exam Simulator is an exam simulator for the SCJP (Sun Certified Programmer for the Java 2 Platform) exam. This software can be used to simulate the SCJP exam, and allows you to test your knowledge and to make a reasonable estimate of whether you are sufficiently prepared for the exam. The FULL VERSION contains 600 questions. When the software is started it picks a random database and from that database it selects 59 questions randomly.
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Some Comments-J2 Exam Simulator
I used ur J2 Exam Simulator & it helped me a lot in my Java exam.Thanx for making such a useful software. -Rohit Verma
J2 Exam Simulator is an excellent software -Soni
J2 Exam Simulator is an ultimate software. -Anjali
It is a very good software. -Pinaki Pattnaik