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Building Java Executables
The FREE tutorial may be used for learning how to create executable files from Java programs. The tutorial assumes the reader has a basic knowledge of Object Oriented Programming and the Java language. All the examples given in the tutorial have been tested using JDK 1.3.
Coverage Includes
  • Executable Java Archives
  • The .EXE Solution
  • Java Native Interface

Some Comments-Building Java Executables
I found the software “Building Java Executable” in Digit January 2002 magazine CD. The tutorial explains very clearly about building executable files in Java. - Bharambe Pankaj
I am working on Java project for backing up files on tape devices. I am extremely benefited by the tutorial package ("Building Java Executables"). - Amitabh Talukdar, WIPRO ENGG. Duliajan, Assam
Building Java Executables is a good piece of work - Anish Sam Varghese
Building Java Executables is an excellent tutorial - Niranjan Bendre